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**** یــــــــــــــــــــــاری چــوار چیون بــاوری و جا ////// راسـتــــــــــی و پاکـــــــی ، نیستـــــی و رداء **** ****راگـــــــــه حقیقت شیشه بنیین نه جـــــای گـــزافن نه جای منیین**** Freedom of speech - Letter of protest to the Norwegian authorities Freedom of speech - Letter of protest to the Norwegian authorities

A protest letter by a group of political and human rights activists regarding the decision of the Norwegian government to deport Anwar Mohamadi,an Iranian political activist from Norway to Baghdad.

We as political and human rights activistsand signatories of this letter request the Norwegian government reject the decision to return Anwar Mohammadi, the Kurdish political activist, to Baghdad, in accordance with Resolution No. 60/34 (1979), which requires States to seek refugee status. Who would respect the policy of ” deporting refugee ” and review the case for this political activist.

In accordance with resolution 60/34 (1979), refugees who fear persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group or political group, who are outside their home and country , who are persecuted for fear of being harassed, He is unable or unwilling to return to the original country.

Considering the current situation in Iraq, the arrest and ignorance of the fate of two Kurdish political activists and a member of the Komala Kurdistan Party, Sa’di and moazez , Rashid Afshari, by the Iraqi forces and delivered to the Iranian Qods Force, there is no doubt that the decision of the Norway’s government return to the Baghdad will put him at risk of death.

In accordance with international obligations, the Norwegian governmentis will be responsible to the Asylum Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Refugees, in response to the psychological and financial security of Anwar Mohammadi, a Kurdish political activist.


Salah Aramesh – Political Activist – Norway

Hedi Rezin – Political Activist – Norway

Christiana Opeggard – a Norwegian citizen

Salah Koneposhi – literary activist – Italy

Reza Sharifi Bokani – Journalist and Human Rights Activist – Turkey

Idris Rahmani – Political Activist – Norway

Nader Qodrat – Political Activist – Norway

Masoud Nouri – Political activist – Norway

Iman Moradwisi – Political Activist – Norway

Hawar Rahmani – Political activist

Fereidoun Hosseini – Political activist – Denmark

Hooshang Rahimi – Political activist – Sulaimaniyah

Mansour Ahmadi – Political activist – Norway

Mohammad Palani Jaff – Political Activist – Denmark

Sardar Kaveh – Political activist – Norway

Abdul Razzaq MoradAzar – Political activist – Erbil

Hesam Ahmadi – Political activist – Germany

Hamed Kelami – Political Activist – Switzerland

Ameneh Makari – Political Activist – Koye

Keyvan Amini – Political Activist – Koye

Taher Ahmadi – Political activist – Denmark

Kayhan Yusefi – Journalist and Political Activist – Bulgaria

Rezgar Qahramani – Political Activist – Erbil

Mokhtar Naqshbandi – Political activist – Norway

Soran Rezaei – Political activist – Norway

Ismail Mohammadi – Political activist

Reza Amini – Journalist and Political Activist – Denmark

Adnan Shafiei – Political Activist – Germany

Kamran Ghazi – Political activist – Norway

Mojdeh Heidari – Political activist – Norway

Sirus Raoufi – Journalist and Political Activist – Sweden

Sardar Hosseini – Political activist – Belgium

Sasan Namo – Political activist – Germany

Ramesh Farhang- Political Activist – Erbil

Saro Parwaze – Political Activist – Norway

Nazar Rostami – Political activist – Netherlands

Jamal Najari, journalist and political activist, France

Sirwan Hossein Panahi – Political Activist – Germany

Bahman Karimi – Political activist

Erfan Rahnmun – Political Activist – Norway

Farshid Yari – Political Activist – Sweden

Sirvan Mansouri, journalist and retired activist, Turkey

Kaus Azizi – Political activist – Denmark

Mahmoud Fattahi – Political activist – Finland

Bahman Totounichi – Journalist – America

​​Zhima Nikjuian – Political activist – Norway

Rozhin Ashrafi – Political Activist and Women’s Rights – Sweden

Salah Nouri – Political activist – Germany

Loghman Naderpour – Political Activist – Norway

Shayeste Wetmani – Political activist – Switzerland

Herman Madd – Political Activist – Norway

Hesam Azizi – Political activist – United Kingdom

Javid Asghari – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Naseh Badakhsh – Political activist – The Netherlands

Omid Damayar – Political Activist – Norway

Hedi Kamranipour – Journalist and Political Activist – Germany

Jafar Mobeshernia – Journalist – Erbil Kurdistan

Nasrin Karimi – Women’s Rights Activist – Norway

Farid Fallahzadeh – Women’s Rights Activist – Norway

Jamal Fallahzadeh – Political activist – Norway

Elina Jamal – Political activist – Norway

Mina Sharifzar – Political activist – Norway

Jamila Fallahzadeh – Political activist – Norway

Rozhin Fallahzadeh – Political Activist – Norway

Mohammed Ranjbar – Political Activist – Belgium

Hawram Rahimi, journalist and political activist, Norway

Ismail Chocley – Political Activist – Germany

Mohammad Rasti – Political Activist – United Kingdom

Kambiz Fatehi – Political activist – Norway

Gullah Osmani – Women’s Rights Activist – Kurdistan

Shahriar Naqshbandi – Political activist – Germany

Dana Rashid – Political Activist – Denmark

Abdullah Rasouli – Translator – Sulaimaniyah

Baba Shaykh Hosseini – Political activist – Germany

Abbas Kakakani – Political activist – Sweden

Solomon Moradian – Political Activist – United Kingdom

Farzan Razavi – Political activist – Germany

Huzer Sufi Mohammadi – Political Activist – Norway

Adnan Kakakani – Political activist – Sweden

Nour Al-Din Sufizade – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Nasser Menbari – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Khalid Azizzadeh – Political activist

Massoud Ararat – Political activist – Norway

Qandil Marivani – Political activist – Norway

Hiva Molodi – Political Activist – Norway

Faraji Ghader _ political activist

Jila Hassanpour – Political activist – Norway

Omid Naderi – Political activist – Norway

Naseh Saeedi – Political Activist – Denmark

Hossein Sharifi – Political Activist – Norway

Dana Ransouri – German political activist

Nassek Nasirzadeh – Political activist – Belgium

Shoresh Ransouri – Political Activist – Norway

Bayat Elyasi – Political Activist – Norway

Mehdi Azami – Political Activist – United Kingdom

Omid Rahmani – Political activist – Turkey

Baha Ebrahimi – Political Activist – Belgium

Rahman Amiri – Journalist and Political Activist – Norway

Karwan Mirawi – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Jalal Rawangard – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Farhad Amini – Political Activist – Switzerland

Fereydoun Arshadi – Poet – Germany

Hadi Arefi – Journalist and Human Rights Activist – Switzerland

Rashid Rahmani (Zerrowi) – Political activist – Germany

Chonur Naderi – Political activist – Norway

Aref Naderi – Political activist – Norway

Zanyar Ashrafi – Political Activist – Norway

Christina Andersson –a Norwegian Citizen

Kamran Rustami – Political Activist – Norway

Fakhr Moloodi – Political Activist – Denmark

Aram Mohammadi – Political activist – Norway

Hossein Heydari – Political activist – Norway

Hasan Rezaei – Political activist – Germany

Shervin Shafei – Political activist – Germany

Halo Janani – Political Activist – Norway

Dordogar Shne – Women’s Rights Activist – Kurdistan

Lily Hassanpour – Human Rights Activist – Norway

Ahura Kordestani – Political Activist – Kurdistan

Yasin Mandan_ Political Activist _ Germany

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