**** یــــــــــــــــــــــاری چــوار چیون بــاوری و جا ////// راسـتــــــــــی و پاکـــــــی ، نیستـــــی و رداء **** ****راگـــــــــه حقیقت شیشه بنیین نه جـــــای گـــزافن نه جای منیین**** Freedom of speech - Man brutally murdered in metro station Freedom of speech - Man brutally murdered in metro station

On Sunday, July 16, a video published on the social media sites highlighted the moment when a member of Iranian regime's security forces shot dead a young man who refused to take a compulsory religious notice by a mullah in Tehran's Metro station. The video shows that the young man holding the mullah's turban in his hands while objecting to his compulsory notices telling him that he doesn't want to live the way the mullahs want. 

He then asked the plainclothes security forces and basij militants carrying assault rifle to move away from him. But they open fire and shot him at a very close range. The man falls down and dies before he gets to a hospital.

 Eyewitnesses in the scene say that in contrary to the claims by the regime, the assailant did not attack or harass the people and his only objection was to the Mullah’s harassment.

State run news agency Mehr quoted Hadi Tamhidi, the head of the security council of city of Ray, stating: “this morning a was enjoining a middle-aged man which caused anger in the assailant who attacked the Mullah with a knife.

According to reports, this middle-aged person died while being transferred to the hospital.

This criminal act, raised ire among eyewitnesses.

The resistance and angry reactions of the people to the so-called “Enjoining good and forbidding wrong” forces has led some of the regime’s clerics, such as Mullah Nouri Hamedani, to call for the formation of a ministry called 'Ministry of promotion of virtue and prevention of vice”

According to this law, the headquarters of the “promotion of virtue and prevention of vice” was formed and is currently headed by Ahmad Jannati, secretary general of the Regime’s Guardians’ Council.

This volatile environment in the society, has led to increasing division and rift between people and regime’s suppressive agents and thus preparing the ground for more public protests.

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