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Freedom of speech - آرشیو 1396/12

Labor Activist Presents Himself To Court To Spend Two Month In Prison

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Osman Esmaeeli, a labor activist from Saqez has reportedly presented himself to court on Friday to spend two month in prison over participating in International Workers’ Day.

Osman Esmaeeli

According to the Democracy Center for Human Rights in Kurdistan, Esmaeeli was arrested by undercover security forces on April 2015, and then was sentenced to one year in jail.

Esmaeeli’s sentence was decrease to two month on May 15 after he protested to his judgment.

Mahmoud Salehi, another labor activist from Saqez was arrested in October 2017 after his kidney dialysis in a hospital.

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Yarsan community

The Special Rapporteur met with members of the Yarsan community who described the discrimination and repression that they are subjected to due to their belief. They explained that they were unable to register their children as Yarsan at birth. They described being prohibited from constructing places of worship, cannot organise burials in accordance with their religion, and cannot print their holy book without fear of being charged with acting against the regime or insulting the Prophet. In February 2016, a Yarsan place of worship in Shah Aba was attacked. The Special Rapporteur also received a number of reports concerning discrimination of Yarsan members in the workplace, including in light of the Employment Act which requires individuals to be Muslim or a member of a recognized religion. Representatives also provided accounts of individuals being fired after it is discovered that they are Yarsan, and of individuals of being forcibly shaved (the moustache is a holy symbol for the Yarsan community) when they refused to pray, for example when undertaking military service. Details were also provided of the imprisonment and in one case execution of individuals who refused to be shaved. Whilst their situation was noted in a previous report of the former Special Rapporteur, it is clear given the discrete nature of the community that knowledge of the violations they are subjected to remains limited.

To Asma Jahangir- UN Special Rapporteur on Iran

From Yarsan Democratic Organization                               2017/14/8

About Yarsan, a religious minority in Iran

Yarsan are followers of Yari religion. The population of Yarsan are about 2 million, this people are living mostly in the vest of Iran spread over several Province like Kermanshah, Hamedan, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan and several other towns in across Iran.

Yarsan citizens continually exposed to pervasive discrimination by Islamic Republic of Iran. This discrimination applies to all personal and social affairs, including involvement in political affairs, the right to interfere in the decision-making organs, the native language education, the labor market, acquiring government jobs, free education, religious practice, and the right to create prayer centers.

The Yarsan people have suffered injustice and discrimination during the regime 37 years Board. Although Yari religion is not awarded rights as a minority religion on an equal footing with other minorities in accordance paragraph 13 first Chapter in the constitution, but this action is in the opposite contravention of paragraphs 19.23 in Chapter 3 (nation rights). The action of the regime against the Yarsan community are violations of Articles 1,3,5,7,9 and 18 Human Rights which Iran has signed and is committed to maintaining it.

Yarsan Democratic Organization are an European-based political organization and fights for Yarsans political, cultural and social rights. Our campaign is peaceful and we are an independent organization.

We ask To Asma Jahangir- UN Special Rapporteur on Iran pay attention to Yarsan people and investigate violations of the fundamental right for this people. please greeting

Yarsan Democratic Organizations representative in Norway

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حقوق شهروندی پیروان آیین یارسان

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حقوق شهروندی پیروان آیین یارسان

مردمانی که خود را پیرو (آیین یاری) و یا (اهل حق)، می‌دانند به نام‌های اهل حق، آیین یاری، یارسان، کیش حقیقت، طایفه سان، کاکه‌ای و غیره نیز شناخته می‌شود. به گفته بسیاری از محققین بزرگ‌ترین اقلیت مذهبی در کشور ایران هستند؛ که در مناطق وسیعی از کشور ایران به‌ویژه در مناطق کرمانشاه (شهرستان‌های قصر شیرین، سرپل ذهاب، دالاهو، اسلام‌آباد، ماهیدشت، کرمانشاه، صحنه، دینور و حومه این شهرستان‌ها)، لرستان (بلوران واقع در جاده اسلام‌آباد غرب، پل‌دختر و نیز حومه گراب و روستاهایی از توابع نورآباد، قسمت‌هایی از بوالوفا و بخشی از طایفه ذوالنور یارسانی بوده‌اند)، کردستان، کرمان (شهرستان بردسیر و سیرجان)، همدان (شهرستان‌های کنگاور، اسدآباد، همدان و حومه آن)، زنجان، آذربایجان شرقی، شیراز، تهران و مازندران (هشتگرد، رودهن، بومهن و خود تهران و همچنین بخشی از مردم کلاردشت، کجور و روستاهای فیروزکلا از توابع کجور) زندگی می‌کنند.

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