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Iran earthquake survivors plead for help as death toll rises

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 Iranians living outdoors in bitterly cold temperatures after an earthquake are making desperate pleas for help.

About 1000 people were killed and close to 8,000 injured when the quake hit near the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday.

The government is scrambling to get aid to the worst-hit Kermanshah province, where hundreds of homes were destroyed.

President Hassan Rouhani, visiting the region, said state-built houses suffered more damage, and those responsible would be held accountable.

Night-time temperatures in Kermanshah province fell close to freezing for the second night in succession.

Ali Gulani, 42, lives in the province's badly-hit town of Qasr-e-Shirin, and told BBC Persian people were burning crates to try to stay warm.

"We are living in a tent and we don't have enough food or water," he said. "You can hear children crying, it's too cold. They are holding on to their parents to warm themselves - it's pretty bad."

Mr Gulani said there were an average of three strong aftershocks an hour, provoking panic.

Close to 200 aftershocks have hit the region since the magnitude-7.3 earthquake on Sunday night. It was one of the strongest on earth this year, as well as the deadliest.

Mr Gulani said he understood aid had been despatched within the province, but that people in his town had not yet received help. Instead, people were having to trek to the other side of town to get water from a tank.

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امدادرسانی به روستاهای اطراف دالاهو و گهواره و سایر مناطق این محدوده، بسیار ضعیف اعلام شده است.

براساس گزارش رسیده کمک‌رسانی به روستاهای اطراف دالاهو و گهواره از جمله "نیلک، گوراجوب، زاوله، گزن و بابایادگار" که ساکنان آن از پیروان آیین یارسان هستند بسیار ضعیف و فعالان مدنی این اقدام نیروهای حکومتی را "تبعیض‌آمیز" توصیف کردند.

به گفته یک منبع آگاه، آمار کشته‌شدگان و شدت تخریب ناشی از زلزله در این مناطق بسیار بالاست و مردم زلزله‌زده خود اجساد کشته‌شدگان را از زیر آوار بیرون می‌کشند و بسیاری از راه‌های ارتباطی به این مناطق درپی ریزش کوه همچنان مسدود هستند.

 ساکنان این مناطق نه تنها از کمک‌های دولتی بلکه از کمک‌های مردمی نیز سهم ناچیزی داشته‌اند که در این اوضاع وخیم کافی نیست.

اصول دوازدهم و سیزدهم همچنین اصل چهاردم قانون اساسی حکومت اسلامی ایران، پیروان دین یاری را جزو اقلیت‌های رسمی برنشمرده و برای آنان حقی قائل نشده و بدین ترتیب یارسانیان از لحاظ جمعیتی، بزرگترین اقلیت دینی در ایرانند.

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Iran-Iraq Earthquake Kills More Than 400

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New York Times – Iranians dug through rubble in a frantic search for survivors on Monday, after a powerful earthquake struck near the Iraqi border, killing more than 400 people and injuring thousands of others, officials said.

The epicenter of the quake Sunday evening was near Ezgeleh,kermanshah, Iran, about 135 miles northeast of Baghdad, and had a preliminary magnitude of 7.3, according to the United States Geological Survey, and seismologists in the country said it was the biggest quake to hit the western part of Iran.

photographs from the region — a patchwork of farms and home to many Kurds, a large ethnic minority in Iran — posted on the internet showed collapsed buildings, cars destroyed by rubble and people sleeping in the streets in fear of aftershocks.

At least 407 people were killed and nearly 6,000 people in Iran were injured, according to officials and news agencies, and hundreds of people waited in line to donate blood in Tehran in response to a call from the government.

At least eight people were killed on the Iraqi side of the border, according to Dr. Saif al-Badir, a spokesman for the Health Ministry, and at least 535 were hurt.

According to some report from earthquake region unfortunately until now, there is no help has been made through government due to the people who are living in the areas are Kurds and Yarsani that was obviously said by homeless affected population.

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پنچ سال از قتل ستار بهشتی گذشت ، اما ...

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 ستار بهشتی جوان مجرد و وبلاگ‌نویس ساکن رباط‌ کریم بود. وی کارگری ساده و روزمزد بود که با مادر پیرش در یکی از محلات فقیرنشین شهر زندگی‌ می‌کرد.

 خبر قتل درحین بازداشت آقای ستار بهشتی از سوی منابع مختلف، از جمله خبرگزاری هرانا (۱۶ آبان ۱۳۹۱) و وبسایت کلمه (۱۶ آبان ۱۳۹۱) اعلام شد. اطلاعات تکمیلی درباره این قتل فراقضایی از مصاحبه‌های وکیل مدافع آقای بهشتی با رسانه‌ها، مصاحبه‌های خانواده وی،‌ گزارش کیمیسیون امنیت ملی مجلس شورای اسلامی، اطلاعیه دادستانی تهران، مصاحبه‌های سخنگوی قوه قضایی و سایر منابع* برگرفته شده است.

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about sattar beheshti and his case

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The news that Mr. Sattar Beheshti was murdered while in custody was announced by

 different sources including HRANA (Human Rights Activists News Agency) (November 6, 2012) and Kaleme website (November 6, 2012). The additional information about this extrajudicial murder has been obtained from the interviews of Mr. Beheshti’s lawyer with the media, interviews of his family, the report of National Security Commission of the Iranian Parliament, the announcement of Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran, the interview of the speaker of the Judiciary, and other sources.*

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