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**** یــــــــــــــــــــــاری چــوار چیون بــاوری و جا ////// راسـتــــــــــی و پاکـــــــی ، نیستـــــی و رداء **** ****راگـــــــــه حقیقت شیشه بنیین نه جـــــای گـــزافن نه جای منیین**** Freedom of speech - meeting and demonstration Freedom of speech - meeting and demonstration

In fear of overthrow and desperate of confronting the popular nationwide uprising, the clerical regime has started blind arrests and so far detained at least 1,000 in the first four days of the uprising.

Deputy governor of Tehran province, Ali Asghar Naserbakht, said on Sunday that some 200 people arrested on December 30, the third day of the uprising in the area between “Enqelab Square and Mosadeq Square” in Tehran.

Ali Azadeh, governor of Markazi province, said in an interview on December 31 that on December 30 “we arrested more than 100… in Arak, and we think that in the next few days we will identify and arrest more of the attackers with the information we have obtained."

"50 to 60 people have been arrested in Kashan's illegal gatherings," State-run Mehr News Agency quoted the Kashan prosecutor who added "any illegal gathering and insurgents will be dealt with seriously. The law enforcement officers will deal with any unauthorized gathering violently and legally.”

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Freedom of speech

Hundreds of retired teachers and other government pensioners held a rally in front of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) in Tehran, on Tuesday, August 22, to protest their lack of benefits, according to local media reports.

Many of the workers’ syndicates and trade unions reported that hundreds of protesters were present at the demonstration with many currently employed government workers showing up in solidarity with the retirees, while Iran’s Free Labor Union reported that over 1,000 protesters were present.

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Freedom of speech

Friday, 2017-05-07

On Friday 5th of May there was a peaceful protest organized by Yarsan Democratic Organization(YDO) to object fascistic devastating policy of Islamic regime against Yarsanis which have had terrible outcomes like many Self-immolation up to now.

Two brothers named Ehsan and Mehdi Fozuni committed Self-immolation in Kermanshah province-Iran (see more)  to object Iranian anti-Kurd and anti Yarsani policy which is exactly like Nazi policy against Jews.

Therefor, Yarsanis in Sweden gathered in a protest in front of Iran embassy to object this criminal policy.

The protest started by one-minute silence for these two brothers as well as all martyrs in Kurdistan. In the following, Mr. Farshid Soltani who was the Administrative of the program invited Mr. Ali Khosrawi, representative of YDO to give a speech. Then Mr. Younes Sanjabi read YDO message and other YDO members read their messages: Mr. Sirous Sanjabi, Mr. Omid Ramezani, Mr. Yones Yadegari and Mr. Payam Azhbar.

The program came to an end with some slogan:

“This is enough, we don’t stand insult anymore”, “freedom is Yarsan goal”, etc.


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Freedom of speech

Yarsan Democratic Organization  wants all Yari follower and Freedom-loving people participate  in this demonstration in order to show our support and cooperation for achieving Yari followers demanding which have same right as the other homeland people  as well as condemns  Islamic republic of Iran for neglect Yarsani right that owing to critical situation of Yari religious once again two brothers committed self-immolation.

so in this manner, we arrange a peaceful demonstration in stokholm in front of the embassy of Iran where the address is below, we hope you join us  

Date: 5 May 2017, kl 13:00 – 15:00 Friday

Address:   Elfviksvägen 76, Lidingö 18190, Embassy of Iran, Stockholm

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Freedom of speech

29th anniversary of Halabja-Massacre which thousands civilians were killed by the Iraqi Air Force, held on Thursday 16th of March 2017 in Adolfskyrkan, Stockholm.

Along with YDO’s representative, there were also guests from other organizations, party and Politicians, such as Sweden’s migration minister Mr. Morgan Johansson, Iraq ambassador, representative of the Kurdistan regional government, Kurdish parties and some Swedish politicians in this commemoration ceremony.

In this occasion, Spokesman of Yarsan democratic organization, Mr. Ali khosrawi in touch with migration Minister’s delegate and talked about critical circumstance of Yari flowers in Iran, which have been systematically persecuted as a matter of government policy.

Spokesman of YDO addressed immigration secretary for caring more about Yarsan refugee who applying for asylum in Sweden. He asked them to arrange an appointment for further cooperation with Yarsan democratic organization, as soon as they able to do it.

YDO’s spokesman look to seize an opportunity in expanding their relation with five representatives of the Kurdistan regional government, moreover they look forward to meeting with YDO and in that visiting will discuss around whole the Yarsan people in Kurdistan.

Yarsan Democratic Organisations

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Freedom of speech
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